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Memphis Tennessee Skyline at Dusk – August 27, 2019.

The Southeastern U.S. is becoming a key growth market for data center development, and DC BLOX has expanded its presence in this region with four data center locations. In this article, Bill Thomson, Vice President of Marketing and Product at DC BLOX, discusses the regional factors contributing to the increase of data centers in these under-served markets.

Excerpt from the article:
The Southeastern U.S. is known for its mild climate, comforting down-home cuisine, and southern hospitality. Recently, however, this region has been expanding its repertoire to encompass a new facet of the technological future: data centers. Emerging markets like Birmingham, Alabama, have begun to crop up throughout the Southeast, and fast-growing secondary markets, such as Atlanta, continue to gain traction and attract growing investment within the data center sphere.

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