Our Network is Built Around How You Do Business.

DC BLOX brings together carrier neutrality with a privately-owned, high-speed optical network that give business applications blazing fast speed. Whether you choose from our standard offerings or let us customize a solution, we can find the best program to fit your organization’s bandwidth criteria.

Through our network, we can cross-connect you to hundreds of carriers and networks through our Chattanooga, Atlanta or Nashville Internet Exchanges. Our carriers can tailor options that will help your business run better than they would over any Multi-Tenant Data Center. Contact us and let’s start working on a program that’s right for you.

Key features include:

  • Network handoffs at Nx100Gbps
  • Customary meet-me-rooms in fully redundant configuration
  • No fee private transport
  • Choice of carrier, price competition, maintenance of legacy relationships
  • DIA, protected or unprotected Ethernet service including EPL, EVPL and virtual LAN
  • Flexible consumption models including PAYG, drawdown, fixed commit
  • Private network increases security, minimizes end-to-end latency and jitter
  • Ease of provider connection with fiber only cross connects
  • Internet Transit peering with multiple providers in multiple markets provides full redundancy
  • Mesh protected, GMPLS engineered private optical transport network
  • Broader service diversity with direct connectivity to Internet exchanges