We’re Bringing Business Continuity to the Other 93%.

DC BLOX helps your organization operate at the speed of light by developing and operating modular data centers that put you closer to the edge. Each footprint is located within 150 miles of major metropolitan cities, connecting area businesses with the high-speed, high-capacity, mesh-protected, private optical network they need to challenge larger metropolitan competitors.

Our Edge Services are for small markets with big ideas

More than 19 million people live in major data center markets like Ashburn, Phoenix, Chicago and Dallas-Fort Worth, but those markets serve just 7% of the US population. At DC BLOX, our goal is to bring uninterrupted streaming audio and video, jitter-free virtual and augmented reality, and millisecond response to the remaining 93%.

Where we were and where we’re going

Since 2000, it was enough to build data centers exclusively near dense, high-population areas with network availability, inexpensive power, moderate climate and affordable land. But our society’s dependence on smart devices and the increased broadband internet and cellular service demand has dramatically changed how we create, distribute and consume data—not just in major markets, but all over the country.

DC BLOX brings your business to the edge. Now it can compete no matter where you are.