We Protect Your Data And Keep Your Business Running

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The exponential growth of data created and consumed by users and providers creates high risk challenges for any organization. Companies are finding that traditional backup and retention strategies simply can’t keep pace with the dramatic capacity growth, decreasing RPO and RTO, and managing multiple copies of data for development and analytics.

DC BLOX helps you stay ahead of disaster with a unique suite of services keenly focused on protecting your data and keeping business continuity.

DC BLOX Archive Storage

DC BLOX Archive is a consumption-based object storage solution used primarily for business continuity, data analytics, and archive. On its own, BLOX Archive competes with other object storage services like Amazon S3 and Azure BLOB Storage. Its feature set make it a perfect storage solution for companies looking to secure their data for the future:


  • Superior ingest and retrieval speed
  • Lower cost direct network access
  • Simple, no-hidden-cost pricing
  • Tight integration with our suite of data management and business continuity services

DC BLOX Backup Storage

BLOX Backup is a consumption-based block storage solution designed to support rapid backup and restoral of production systems. Compatible with all hypervisors, it can be used by customers collocated in our data centers or connected to the BLOX network. Compared to public cloud options BLOX Backup offers:


  • Superior read and write speed
  • Lower cost direct network access
  • Simple pricing without hidden costs
  • Tight integration with dcBLOX’s suite of data management and business continuity services

DC BLOX Data Protection and Virtualization

BLOX Data Management is the combination of sophisticated software tools and DC BLOX expertise that help enterprises build and manage higher quality applications, improve data protection and availability, and leverage hybrid cloud resources. Our platform interfaces with a customer’s private cloud environment and creates a golden copy of their production data.


  • Policy-based backups
  • Rapid backup of large databases
  • Granular snapshots
  • Instant recovery
  • Access of cloned images for development and test