Tier 3 Compliant Data Centers: Efficient Yet Powerful

dcBLOX reinvented the data center, pioneering a new generation of facilities built just for companies like yours: Growing businesses that demand the ability to scale rapidly without sacrificing security, flexibility or reliability.

inside a dcBLOX data center podWhat’s So Different?

Take a tour through our facilities and you discover the football-field-sized raised floors are missing, a relic the 90s that we made obsolete. In their place you’ll find modular enclosures that optimize the power and cooling to support up to 30kW per rack cabinet, yet maintain greater efficiency by delivering the cooling to the server inlets as needed.

These flexible, efficient, and powerful modular enclosures house your IT equipment, managed configuration, or private hosted cloud, with the same security, performance, and uptime resiliency that top Hyperscale Enterprise firms enjoy.

dcBLOX Data Center Locations

Our innovative data center facilities feature:

Resilient Power

Our Atlanta data center is situated between two independent substations to provide dual-feed redundancy. In addition, we have N+1 (“system plus a spare”) redundant generators and UPS backup power supplies providing concurrently maintainable A and B buss feeds, consistently compliant to Tier 3 standards.

Each enclosure can support rack cabinets that provide a power density from 4kW to 30kW and is supported by dedicated N+1 UPS units with battery cabinets. Those UPS units are backed up by diesel generator power, allowing fail over to generator within seconds. Our data center has enough fuel on reserve to operate for an initial 72 hours, supported by priority refueling contracts.

Environmental Controls

N+1 redundant cooling capacity using the most efficient in chilled water and evaporative cooling keeps temperatures in our enclosures at the exact inlet temperatures necessary to maintain high performance for all IT equipment, including tape media.

Our modular design isolates the hot aisle extraction from the forced cold air entering the server inlets. This improved thermal management and load management helps deliver our standard Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) efficiency rating average of 1.25.

Fire Suppression

Each data center enclosure uses a mixed-gas based fire suppression system. This allows for the suppression of fires in the facility without the damaging effects of water-based sprinklers.

Dry chemical extinguishers are also located throughout all data centers for human intervention or pre-action on the gas suppression systems.

Physical Security

Staffed 7x24x365, our data center facility is located behind three-factor authentication access systems. Our modular enclosures utilize a “data center in a box” format, providing greater security protection for your equipment.

Three-factor Authentication with key card swipes and biometric controls required to access the building, data center floor, and enclosures. Even your individual rack can be isolated securely within the enclosure for the ultimate in security and without the cost of cages. Finally, security cameras record multiple points within the facility to provide a historical audit trail of entry.

Carrier Neutral Fiber

Our primary network services include standard Internet access or Private network services using either our Virtual Private Line (VPL) or Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service.

Bandwidth is provided through our private, redundant fiber architecture that delivers transit bandwidth up to 100Gbps. Network cross-connects are available from multiple diverse carriers through our Chattanooga Internet Exchange or through the Atlanta Internet Exchange, with options that can be tailored to your specific needs and are backed by our 7x24x365 technical support.

UPS batteries      power-supply-generators

The dcBLOX network includes these features:

  • Redundant paths for Internet connectivity and to provide easy cross-connectivity to other network carriers beyond those in-house
  • Dynamic, performance-optimized routing via automated, ongoing hop-count and latency monitoring to provide the best possible end-user experience
  • Burstable services to accommodate unforeseen or seasonal demand
  • Redundant, carrier-class infrastructure with no single points of failure
  • Choice of bandwidth connectivity from 10 Mbps up to 100 Gbps access port options. High bandwidth requirements can be easily accommodated, including quick eVPN configuration.

Custom firewall and IDS/IPS solutions can be deployed for additional security.

To schedule a tour of one of our data centers, contact us.